Customer Spotlight: How NexLearn replaced FTP

Periodically, we highlight customer file sharing experiences. In this blog post we will discuss NextLearn and how they used a SendThisFile FileBox to collect large customer files and replace FTP file collection.

NexLearn, an eLearning developer, had created a new learning simulation for their company and was looking for a way to promote it on their website. Having determined that a customer design contest would be the best way to generate buzz, NexLearn quickly discovered how tricky collecting large design files could be. FTP proved too cumbersome a method, requiring technical resources to setup and manage the project. To participate, customers needed a way to send files that were likely too large for normal email services that reject emails containing files larger than 25MB. Since file collecting would only last the duration of the contest, it made little sense to invest company resources into such a minor aspect of their business. NexLearn needed an expert.

After comparing various managed file transfer (MFT) providers, NexLearn determined that SendThisFile offered a powerfully simple solution. To collect customer design files for the contest, NexLearn placed a SendThisFile FileBox on their NexLearn contest page.

SendThisFile FileBox

A FileBox is an upload widget that transfers an uploader’s email address, message, and files to NexLearn’s account at SendThisFile. All files uploaded via the FileBox could be downloaded from SendThisFile servers at NexLearn’s convenience. Integration was easy too, since NexLearn only had to copy-and-paste the auto-generated HTML code for the FileBox onto their webpage.

Now NexLearn had an easy way to add file upload capabilities to their website, without requiring special technical knowledge or ongoing management. SendThisFile makes collecting customer files easy.

Click here to read the NexLearn case study.

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