SendThisFile expands platform to include Outlook 2010

SendThisFile works in even more places than ever before, and is now compatible with the latest version of Outlook for Windows!

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is one of the most popular email clients in use today. SendThisFile’s plug-in allows you to send large files directly from Outlook without having to switch to a different program or website.

Many companies and Internet web services limit the size of email attachments for cost and security reasons. For example, Google limits Gmail to files under 25 Megabytes in size and will not send files that exceed this limit. SendThisFile fills this need by providing an affordable and secure way to send large email attachments and files.

Here’s how the plug-in works. Once the plug-in is installed and running it automatically detects a large file in your outgoing email, uploads the file, replaces your file attachement with a download link in your original email, and sends the email to your recipient(s).

Selectable options include download receipt selection, email template selection.

You can even monitor the file(s) upload completion status.

Click here to learn how to download and install SendThisFile’s Outlook 2010 plug-in.

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