SendThisFile is the proud sponsor

SendThisFile is proud to announce our sponsorship of the open-source Webalizer project!

SendThisFile is a strong supporter of the Open Source community, without which the free software that powers many great web sites would not exist.

When we recently discovered that Webalizer needed a new home, we immediately decided to provide server space for and for the distribution of the software.

Webalizer is free software that analyzes web server log files and organizes the results in an HTML formatted directory that can then be read in a standard web browser. It is simple to use, blazingly fast, and easy to install.

It is also completely free and licenced under the open source GNU General Public License. If you run a website, we strongly recommend using the Webalizer software.

Please consider supporting Webalizer by promoting its use, contributing code, or contributing money towards its development.

For more info, visit

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