“What’s your email address?”

Sharing large files can be complicated.

There is a seemingly endless number of ways to share data; FTP, Web Hosting, free upload sites, file transfer software, IM clients, file storage sites, and many more. Unfortunately the vast majority of these solutions are not practical for day-to-day use for the simple fact that you must force your file recipient to also download, install, configure, and use the same technical software or service you are using. Even if it is an online service they must create an account and sign-in just to receive your file.

It can be presumptuous and even rude to assume that your file recipient would want to take time out of their busy day to learn yet another system, and incorporate additional complexity into their workflow. This is a big reason to why using email to share file download links makes so much sense. Everyone has an email address.

SendThisFile uses your existing email address to send links to your files. If you wish to send large files, the only question you have to ask someone is…

“What’s your email address?”

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