Adding a FileBox to Your Website

After you have set up your FileBox, you can set up a free hosted FileBox on your website. Please note that Hosted FileBoxes are not SSL encrypted.

Warning: If you leave the Password field empty, anyone (including malicious users) will be able to send you a file without a password.

The link to your free hosted FileBox combines the Web page URL, plus the “widgetcode” for your FileBox. You can find the “widgetcode” for your FileBox on your FileBox page.

The “widgetcode” looks like this in the HTML text just above the sample FileBox:


The “widgetcode” is 24 characters in length.

To create a link to your free hosted FileBox add the “widgetcode” for your FileBox to the basic URL for the hosted FileBox page.

For example:

View a sample hosted FileBox

When Things Go Wrong

If there is something wrong with the link, the most common error message is “Recipient e-mail address is required”. Make sure you have an email address in the Email field on your FileBox page. Ensure that the “widgetcode” on the link matches the “widgetcode” on your FileBox page EXACTLY. The best way to do this is to copy and paste the “widgetcode” from your FileBox page to wherever you’re creating the link.

Contact Customer Support for issues.

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