Enterprise Branded Upload Form Overview

This is an in depth overview of how Administrators and Users work with your SendThisFile Enterprise Account. Here you will find out how to set up administrators and users, what they can and can’t do, and how to best use them for your Enterprise Account.

First let’s go over how to set up a user/sub user on an Enterprise Branded Upload Form in just a few easy steps:

First log in to your account and click on ‘Admin’ on the menu bar – then click on ‘User’ on the sub menu bar





Next you will see all of the Branded Upload Forms that you have created on the page. To choose which Form you would like to add the user to, click on ‘Manage’ next to the name of the form.










The next page is where you will actually sign up a user. Here you need to fill out the Email field, the Password field (you users can change their passwords after they sign in). Next you will have the option of ‘Auto-verifying’ your user, which will not make them click on a verification link that normally is required once a user signs up. If you choose not to, please let your user know that they will have to check their email (make sure they check their spam/junk mail folders) for an email containing the verification link to complete their sign up process. The last option gives you the ability to notify, or not to notify, the user you are signing up. If you check the box you also have the ability to change the subject line of the email notification. This helps ensure that your user will notice the email and you should absolutely take advantage of it. Once all your choices are made, click ‘Add’ at the bottom of the screen.





After you click ‘Add’ you will see a confirmation on your screen that looks like this!





Congrats! You now have successfully added a user to your Enterprise account.



Click here for a step by step guide to add an Admin to your Enterprise account.


An overview of how Users and Admins work with SendThisFile


Having Users on your Enterprise account can be really beneficial. The main way users/sub-users interact with SendThisFile is through the Enterprise Branded Upload Form. The Upload Form can be customized so that in order for someone to use it they have to be a registered and approved user. This will allow you to have as little or as much control on who is using your form and for what purposes. For a detailed breakdown on how to customize your Branded Form security settings – click here

Most Enterprise Account holders set up Users operating under the assumption that the Users will have to go to the SendThisFile homepage and log in, as the account holder does. This is not the case. They certainly can log in and send files, however they are treated as any other ‘Free Account’ holder (as is the case, considering that Enterprise Account holders are not charged for additional users) and they will not have access to the unthrottled speeds and other benefits that they have by accessing the Branded Upload Form. A user will have access to the files that they’ve sent by going to https://www.sendthisfile.com/my-files logging in and using the navigation choices on the left hand side to find the files that they have sent.  This an extremely useful tool that eliminates the need for a user to ever log in to the SendThisFile homepage.



Establishing additional administrators is specifically geared to allow our Enterprise accounts to have more than one person pull the logs of their accounts.  This will facilitate the tracking of the files that have been sent through SendThisFile and make it easier for Enterprise accounts to react to how they are using the account.  We plan on rolling out more functionality to admins in the very near future and will alert our Enterprise customers of those changes as they happen.



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