An in depth overview on My Files

This is an overview of the My Files feature with SendThisFile. The My Files section allows you to manage the files that you’ve been sending with your account on a per file basis. It can be extremely useful when wanting to make sure that you have the right files available at the right times.

From the My Account home page click on ‘My Files’ on the sub-menu bar. This will take you to the ‘My Files’ section.


Here we have a chronological list of the files that have been sent through your SendThisFile account. Here you can sort by date sent, status, and search by email address or file name.




You can use this to ensure that your file was sent successfully, who it was sent to, ensure that it is active, change the download limit, and forward it on to someone else.




If you click on the title of the file that will open more details and options. You will be able to see the size of the file, the number of times it’s been downloaded, & the message that was sent with the file. You will also have the ability to reset the download limit to the number of your choice. This is an extremely helpful tool to manage your files and ensure that your files are available when your recipients need them. You will also have the ability to download or delete that file.












You also have the ability to send a file in your My Files to another recipient with out having to re-upload the file. This is an extremely efficient too for resending files.


After you click on ‘forward’ it will bring up another menu where you will need to click ‘click to select’ to the right of the file you are wanting to forward to a recipient.




The next page will ask you for the email address of the person you want to forward the file to.

The next option you have is whether or not to use your system’s default email software or to send a copy of the original notification. You can absolutely do either – for the purpose of this example we will go with the most common choice, the original notification option.






Next is the forwarding screen that will allow you to change the subject line or message box for your new recipient. After you make any needed changes, click on ‘Send Notification’ and your file has now been forwarded to your new recipient!

If at any time you need additional help with your My Files section, please contact our technical support staff by clicking here!





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