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UTF-8 File Naming Issues

UTF-8 encoding is available in the file download webpage to preserve filename text for non-latin languages (e.g. Russian, Asian) and other special characters (e.g. “%”).  To enable UTF-8 encoding, click the ”international” hyperlink instead of the filename hyperlink.  Users who click … Continue reading

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Receiving Files

What does the recipient receive? The recipient will receive an email from The From line will show that it is from the sender. The default Subject is Incoming File from SendThisFile, however the sender may have modified the Subject … Continue reading

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How to Send a File Fast

This article will outline the different aspects of a file transfer speed, what factors influence it’s performance, and how to best optimize for the fastest possible transfer. The speed at which your file will transfer is determined by your maximum … Continue reading

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Common Problems Receiving Files

These are common problem when receiving large files and how to work around them. Continue reading

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