Common Problems Receiving Files

You get an error message instead of your file.

  1. If the transferID or file name are missing when you attempt to go the download page, you will be redirected to the home page, and the error message Transfer Number or file not found. will appear.
  2. If the transferID is bad when you attempt to download a file, our system will think the file has expired, and you will get the error message This file has expired.
  3. If the file name is bad you will be able to get to the SendThisFile download page, however, when you click the RETRIEVE YOUR FILE! link you will receive an error message in your browser that it “was not able to open this Internet site” or a message to that effect.
  4. Once you are sure there has been a problem with SendThisFile (e.g., the file really hasn’t expired in 2. above) then you will have to contact Customer Support for assistance. Customer support will need (a) the sender’s email address, and (b) a copy of the notification email. This information can be sent to customer support.¬†We will see if we can retrieve the file.
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