Creating an Enterprise Branded Form

Follow these steps to create your Enterprise Branded Form:

  • Sign-in with your username and password.

Note: The Enterprise section will not display until you are logged into your account.

  • Navigate to Enterprise, Branded Forms

On the Branded Forms page, go to Create a New Branded Form: section

  • Fill in Name for the new form

This will be how you identify the form you are about to create.  Be descriptive.  It is best to use the name of the website and/or page it will be displayed on.  Example:

  • Click Add

This completes your initial Enterprise Branded Form setup, and your web browser will now appear on the Enterprise, Branded Forms page under Branded Forms you have already Created.

Next you must decide if you want to point users to your FileBox link on SendThisFile or place the Branded Form on your website.  The newly created Enterprise Branded Form will now display SendThisFile default branding.  If you wish, you may further customize the Enterprise Branded Form with your branding and logo.

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