How do Enterprise Plans work?

Enterprise plans ensure that files are transferred using security layers. Uploads are encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption, files are stored using 256-bit AES file while they rest on our servers, downloads can be password protected and are even encrypted using 128-bit SSL. All uploads and downloads are logged. Audit logs are available online or can be downloaded into a comma separated file (CSV) format.

When you sign up, SendThisFile customer support will work with you to create an Enterprise FileBox. We will customize the Enterprise FileBox and emails to meet your requirements and branding. Once the Enterprise FileBox is complete you have 2 options; create a custom URL (e.g. or embed the HTML on your website.

Sending Files

When the Enterprise FileBox is in place, users can begin uploading files. To upload a file your users will go to the form or custom URL and do the following:

  1. Enter their email address
  2. Enter their intended recipient(s) email address(es)
  3. Enter a subject (optional)
  4. Enter a message (optional)
  5. Select the file(s) to upload
  6. Click on the submit button

A secure connection will be established to the SendThisFile file servers and the file transfer will begin. Files will be uploaded using 128-bit SSL encryption and streamed to a 256-bit AES file on our server. During the file transfer, a progress meter will show the transfer status. Once the upload is complete, a success page is presented and a File Notification email is sent to the recipient(s).

Receiving Files

The recipient will receive an email containing a download link. To download a file that has been sent to you via a SendThisFile Enterprise FileBox, follow these steps:

  1.  Click on the download link in the email. This will launch a web browser.
  2. The web browser will display a password page (passwords are optional and setup when the enterprise FileBox is created).
  3. Enter the password. Passwords are either set by the sender, assigned to the recipient, or set by the recipient. This functionality is determined when the Enterprise FileBox is created.
  4. Once the password is correctly entered, the recipient’s files are displayed along with download links. Files can be downloaded by right-clicking the download link and choosing “save as”.
  5. Once a file has been successfully downloaded, SendThisFile will send the sender and File Downloaded Notification (optional).
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