How to add your logo to an Enterprise Branded Form

Enterprise customers have the option to customize their Enterprise Branded Form with their logo. This allows you to further integrate your brand into the SendThisFile service. Follow the steps below to replace the SendThisFile logo with your company logo or image (JPEG format only).

There are two ways to add a logo to your Enterprise Branded Form:

1) Point to your image on a HTTPS URL

Update the Form’s HTML code with your image’s URL.  The image must be secured with HTTPS and in JPEG format.

Navigate to Enterprise menu option, click Branded Form

Under Branded Forms you have already Created section, click Edit

Scroll to 7) Head and Content HTML, click Expand

Under the “Upload Page Content” section, locate the text field containing our default HTML code

Find and replace EXACTLY the following URL location with that of your own (JPEG only)

Locate the following text:

Replace the URL in the text above with your image that you have hosted on your website.  URL shown in bold text below


Click Save

At the top of the screen , locate Branded Forms you have already Created:

Click View next to your form and verify that the image is displaying correctly.

You have now successfully added your image to the Enterprise Branded Form.

2) Contact Customer Support

Alternatively, you may contact SendThisFile Customer Support who will configure your image file (JPEG image file format) for you.

Navigate to Features menu option, click Contact Us

Enter your email address (this step is required)

In the message type “Need SendThisFile to upload an image to my Enterprise Branded Form”

Customer Support will respond to the email address you provided.

Reply to the email with your image in the format specified (JPEG)

SendThisFile customer support will complete the logo image configuration for you.

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