Create a desktop shortcut to ‘Send Files’

Follow the each step below to create a desktop shortcut in Windows that will allow quick access to your ‘Send Files’ page.

Create the shortcut

  1. Log in to your SendThisFile account
  2. Click on the Send Files menu option
  3. Left-click on the SendThisFile icon to the left of the URL in the web browser’s address bar
  4. Hold the left-click button down, and drag the icon to your desktop
  5. Release the left-click button

You should now have successfully created a shortcut on your desktop.

Rename the shortcut

Next you need to rename the shortcut

  1. Right-click on the desktop icon
  2. On the menu that will appear, Click ‘Rename’
  3. Type “SendThisFile” without the quotes and press ‘Enter’

The icon will now show the name “SendThisFile”.

Modify shortcut URL

For this step you will remove information that sends you to a specific server.  SendThisFile uses multple servers and if, for example,  one is taken down for scheduled maintenance you would be unable to access the service.  This step, while optional, will ensure file sending performance.

  1. Right-click on the desktop icon
  2. Click on Properties on the menu that will appear. This will open a window called ‘SendThisFile Properties’
  3. Put your cursor over the field labeled ‘URL’ and Left-click. The highlighting should disappear
  4. Use the left arrow key on your keyboard to move your cursor to the left of the number after the www part of the URL (e.g., www|3 or www|15). Use the [Delete] key on your keyboard to delete the number
  5. Press the [End] key on your keyboard
  6. Use the [Backspace] key on your keyboard to delete everything AFTER the index.jsp part of the URL
  7. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the SendThisFile Properties window

You have now successfully completed creating your SendThisFile desktop shortcut.

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