Use Custom Fields on your Branded Upload Form

The Custom Fields feature is extremely valuable for all Enterprise & Dedicated Server accounts. With the Custom Fields option you can actually create any field on your Branded Upload Form, allowing you completely customize it. In this article we will show you how to create a custom field, step by step.

After you log in to your account click on ‘Enterprise’ and then ‘Custom Fields’ on the sub menu bar.





This will bring you to the Custom Fields home page. Here is where we will create a custom inputs for your Enterprise Branded Upload Form and we will have the opportunity to create multiple fields for each Upload Form. Here we will create a Template that can house many fields. The label you choose for Template will be an internal label for you to keep track of your templates as you make more.






After you have entered the name, click on the green plus button. Another section will pop under the Template name field titled ‘Add Form Input Fields’. Step 1 is to enter the name that your users will see.




After you have entered the label, click on ‘Next Step’, doing so will bring up Step 2.¬† Step 2 will have you select what type of field this will be. Most of the time it is a ‘text field,’ so that’s what we’ll use in this example. If needed you can certainly choose any of the additional options from the drop down menu.





After you’ve made your selection, click ‘Next Step’. This brings us to Step 3 – Coordinates. If you happen to know the exact coordinates on your page go ahead and enter them here. If you don’t know them, it is no problem at all, we can customize where the field is in the Layout function. Feel free to bypass this step and click ‘Next Step’.





This takes us to our final step – do we want the user to be required to fill out this field or do we want it optional. Make your selection, Yes or No, from the drop down menu and then click ‘Save’







Congrats! The custom input is completed! You will see a summary/edit box at the bottom¬† of the page. Feel free to make any changes as needed on this input. If you are needing to create another input in this Template, simply go back to Step 1 and complete the process again, as many times as is needed. To put these inputs on your Branded Upload Form, simply click on ‘Branded Forms’ on the sub menu bar and that will take you to your Branded Forms home page. From there click on ‘Edit’ next to the Branded Form you wish to have your Custom Inputs. Next expand Section 5 and click on the drop down menu next to ‘Branded Form Inputs’ and choose the Template you wish to apply. After that, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page! To make sure that your Custom Inputs are appearing on your Branded Form exactly where you want them, click on Layout and follow the step by step guide to customizing the layout of your Branded From, found here.

If at any point you would like some one-on-one assistance please contact our Enterprise Support, found here.


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