My recipient told me my files have ‘expired’

The files that are uploaded will normally remain on our server for the time periods shown under theĀ File Transfer Feature Chart. After that, anyone who tries to download the file will receive a message saying the file has expired. Note: We reserve the right to delete files uploaded fromĀ Free File Transfer Accounts at any time to accommodate space for our paid account holders.

If you have a file that has expired due to too many downloads you can ‘un-expire’ that file, before it reaches it’s day limit, by reseting its download limit. In order to do this, log in to your account and click on ‘My Files’ on the sub menu bar.





Next click on the name of the file you wish to change (it will be highlighted in blue). This will bring up a detail screen about the file. In the middle you can click change the number of the download limit and even reset the download limit.






Your download limit is now changed! If your file has expired due to it reaching the day limit, that file has been removed from our servers and would need to be uploaded and sent again.


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