Personal Sending Page

This is an in depth overview of the personal file sending page with SendThisFile.  Here we’ll go over how to use the page to directly send files to your recipients and additional options that you have at your disposal.


On the SendThisFile homepage - Click ‘User Sign-in in the upper right hand corner.

You will then be taken to the Sign-in page.  Enter the email address and password you used to create your account and then hit ‘Continue’

Click the green ‘Continue’ button and you will be taken to a ‘Sign In Successful’ page – next click the green ‘Continue’ button to be taken to the web application.

At the top you see the Menu bar which showcases your options in navigating all that your SendThisFile account has to offer.  Below that is the Sub-Menu bar, which will change depending on which section of the Menu bar you are currently viewing.  The Sub-Menu bar will allow you to delve deeper into what each section offers.

Sending Files

On the form you will use to send large files to your recipients.  Your first option is the ‘From’ field.  This is defaulted to showcase the email address that is associated to your account and will allow your recipient to know who is sending them files.  After that is the ‘To’ field; this is where you type the email address of the individual that you want to receive your large file.  Be sure you are entering this email address correctly!  This will ensure that your recipients will receive your file quickly and efficiently. To the right of this field you see a link called ‘Addresses’ Clicking this will allow you to add email addresses to an address book – which will help cut down on keystrokes if you typically send files to the same people.

Below that you see ‘Optional Password Protection…’  Clicking this will give you the option of assigning a password to this particular download.  If you chose to give your file a password then you will need to communicate that to your recipient however you see fit.  Your recipient will not be able to download the file with out the password and it is not automatically communicated to your recipient by SendThisFile.  Below that you find the ‘Subject’ line.  Just like in a regular email, this is where you can enter a subject heading for your message.  After the subject line is the ‘Message’ section.  Here is where you can type any personal message that you need to communicate to your recipient.  This is a great tool to give them specifics as to what’s in the file.  To the right of this you see an link titled ‘Canned Messages’  If you find yourself typing the same message repeatedly, you can click that link and set up a canned message to save you time!

Next is the ‘File 1′ field and on the right of the field is the ‘Browse’ button.  Click this to browse your computer, find the file you wish to send, click open on the pop up window, then the file’s title will be shown in the field to the left of the ‘Browse’ button.  If you need to send more than 1 file to your recipient then all you need to do is click ‘Send up to 4 more files’ and 4 more ‘Browse’ fields will pop up.  Then simply choose the additional files you need to send and they will be shown like the first file you chose.  As you’ve noticed, below that you see a link titled ‘Need to send more than 5 files at once?’ – click this link for detailed instructions on how to send more than 5 files at one time using the Personal Sending Page.

Once you have entered all of the needed information press ‘SendThisFile’ and your file will begin to upload!  You will see the an upload meter appear on the screen that looks like this:



When the file has completed uploading the meter will turn blue and look like this:




At this point your recipient will receive a message that includes all the information you entered & a link for them to click and download your file! You have successfully sent a file using SendThisFile.

Browser Support

Toward the bottom of the page you will notice information about different web browsers.  SendThisFile officially supports two browsers, Internet Explorer & Firefox. Unsupported browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) might not work, or be otherwise unreliable. If you are experiencing issues, ue the ‘classic’ version Personal File Sending page, which is optimized for compatibility.

Most, if not all, internet browsers restrict uploads to 2 GB a file.  This is not a restriction from SendThisFile, on paid plans. We have developed an in-browser applet that circumvents this restriction. If you need to use the Personal File Sending page to send a file larger than 2GB, all you need to do is look for the green link in the upper right hand corner of the page titled ‘Try Our New Improved File Sending!’

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