Why SendThisFile?
Get fully featured secure file transfers with end-to-end encryption, powerful security, privacy compliance and complete customization.

Use Filebox to Receive Large Files

We Make it Easy to Receive Large Files

If you've ever tried to have someone send you a large file, only to struggle with file size or file type limitations, and trying several different methods to send it - all of which fail - then you know the struggle. The easiest and most secure way to receive large files is with an integrated FileBox from SendThisFile.

You can use a Filebox to receive large files. Each Filebox is hosted on its own unique URL and provides users with simple step-by-step instructions for uploading and sharing files. Just give your personalized link to any person who you'd to receive files from and ask them to use it to send the files. It's easy for them and you. They won't even need a SendThisFile account. When they sent their files, you'll receive a notification email with a link to the files they've sent to you.

Filebox Can Be Customized and Embedded

By default, we host your Filebox on a dedicated URL that you share with others, but the tool can be easily embedded on a website. (This is great when you'll be receiving files from multiple senders over a long period of time.) Embedding Filebox on your website is a powerful way to receive large files that gives users a branded experience within your domain, keeping them on your website longer, and giving them an added element of security within a trusted environment.

Site Integration Has Never Been Easier or More Powerful

The Filebox feature is fully customizable, either when using it as a hosted URL, or when you choose to embed the tool on your website. The Filebox can feature your logo and use your brand's color scheme. Make the tool work harder for you by adding custom input fields, and changing its size to ensure a perfect fit on your site.

We'll notify both sender and recipient via email when a file is transferred. When a file expires, you are notified via email as well. For a fully branded experience, you may customize the layout and text of these notification emails too. You can even set up SMTP, so that email notifications come from your email server (e.g. bob@yourdomain.com).

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