Why SendThisFile?
Get fully featured secure file transfers with end-to-end encryption, powerful security, privacy compliance and complete customization.

Send Large Files Easily & Securely

Trust SendThisFile to Securely Send Large Files

SendThisFile technology easily removes the security and size limitations typical of file sharing with corporate or free email accounts and complicated FTP systems. With our large file sharing products, you can send any file size to anyone. No matter the recipient's location or industry, SendThisFile is the only resource you need for digital delivery.

When data security is critical, SendThisFile is the relied upon partner for leaders in healthcare, banking, engineering, education, government and many other private and public industries. The integrity of your data is shared over our 128-bit TLS end-to-end encryption (and 256 bit AES while at rest).

There is absolutely no restriction on the file type or size that you can transfer using SendThisFile. Whether uploading the massive graphics in CAD files or sharing documents with your accountant, you'll never have to resize or reformat before upload. SendThisFile eliminates the need to pay for costly physical media storage, overnight shipping, or FTP systems, which makes SendThisFile's secure data sharing technology an affordable solution for any size company.

How SendThisFile Works

Completing secure file transfers is effortless with SendThisFile.

Sign-in to your private SendThisFile account hosted on our secure servers. Select the file(s) to upload, trusting that your private data is secured with a 128-bit end-to-end encryption. Once the upload is complete, an email is automatically sent to your recipients with instructions for access. Only the assigned recipient holding the access link may download the shared file. Then, upon your file's expiration, the data is securely shredded and removed permanently from our servers.

Track and Monitor Your Files

We recognize the importance of maintaining control over your private data and the large files you're sharing, which is why we enable you to closely track and monitor every aspect of your file transfer activity. Read here to learn how we give you more power to track your file transfers.