Common Registration Problems

Your email system blocks our verification email

  1. Your email system may have an aggressive spam filter. SendThisFile makes every attempt to indicate that our email messages will not be marked as SPAM and are otherwise considered authentic. Check the folder your email system uses to deposit rejected emails.

    Here are a few steps to take to ensure delivery: 1) Add SendThisFile to your email address book and instruct your recipient to do the same.  2) Send SendThisFile download email messages to your email account, then forward them to your recipient.

  2. Your inbox might be full, and your mail provider will reject our verification email. Make sure there is room in your account to receive our email.

The Register button is clicked before an email address is entered

  1. You will get the error message E-mail is required. Please try again.

  2. Re-start the registration process.

The Register button is clicked after entering an email address, but before a password is entered

  1. You will get an error message, Password is required. Please try again.

  2. Start the registration process all over again.

An incorrect, or incomplete email address is entered

  1. With an incorrect email address, you will not receive our verification email. We can’t help you, because the only email address we will have for you is the incorrect one that was entered in the E-mail field.

  2. With an incomplete email address — e.g., “”yourname”” instead of “”””, the form will indicate that you must include a complete email address.

  3. If you use the SendThisFile domain name when you enter your email address — e.g., “””” — you will not receive a verification email because you do not have an email account with SendThisFile. You must give us an email address at which you are currently receiving email.

Two different passwords are entered

  1. You will see the error message, Passwords did not match.

  2. Re-start the registration process.

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