FileBox Overview

This is an in depth overview of the FileBox with SendThisFile. Here we’ll go over how to use the page to directly send files to your recipients and additional options that you have at your disposal.


On the SendThisFile homepage – – look for the ‘User Sign-in’ in the upper right hand corner:





You will then be taken to the Sign-in page. Go ahead and enter the email address and password you used to create your account and then hit ‘Continue’






After you click the green ‘Continue’ button you will be taken to a ‘Sign In Successful’ page – you then have to click the green ‘Continue’ button again to be taken to the personal file sending page.




Once you are on the Personal File Sending page, click ‘FileBoxes’ on the submenu bar. This will take you to your FileBox landing page which will allow you to manage the FileBoxes that you have. In the box labeled ‘Current Template: New Template’ is where you will create your first FileBox.







In the field labeled ‘FileBox Name’ is where you will enter the name that you wish your FileBox to have. The field labeled ‘E-mail’ is where you will put the email address you would like to receive the files that are sent to you via this FileBox. The next field is labeled ‘Password’ and you can leave it blank if you wish. If you would like to require senders to have to enter a password before they are able to send you files you will need to enter that password now and communicate that to your senders at the appropriate time. SendThisFile will not communicate the password of your FileBox to anybody at anytime.

Once all the information is entered correctly, click ‘Add’.

Congrats! You’ve just created your first FileBox with SendThisFile!!

Directly below the ‘Update’ & ‘Add’ buttons you will see a long web address (URL). You can share that URL with the people that you would like to receive files from.




If you have a website that you would like to host & embed your FileBox, you can use the code that is directly below your FileBox’s URL.  Just copy and paste that into your own website!







Below the FileBox code is a picture of what your FileBox will look like:










Below the sample of your FileBox, for paid accounts, you will see all of the options to customize your FileBox.  Each line and field corresponds with a line or option on your FileBox.  There are a lot of options to choose from and it will allow you to tailor your FileBox experience to exactly what you want your senders to have.


























The ‘Background color’ options is one that is used quite often.  Click ‘HTML Color Codes’ and a new window will pop up with color boxes and in those color boxes there will be short code that corresponds with that particular color.  If you see a color that you would like in the background of your FileBox, simply copy the color code, close the window, then enter the color code in the ‘Background color’ field.



If at any point you need additional help with your FileBox we are here for you!  Click here for our contact info!


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