How do I send a file larger than 2 GB?

Modern web browsers limit file sizes that can be sent to 2GB. SendThisFile provides customers a few different ways to send a file over 2 GB in size.

1) Use our new in-browser, Java powered applet

We have a new applet that bypasses the common browser restriction of 2 GB uploads. ┬áIt’s for paid accounts and you can find out more about it here!

2) Download and install our software client (Windows)

To send unlimited file sizes without modifying your file, you can download and install our software client for Windows.

3) Reduce the size of the file to under 2GB

To send a file using only a web browser, current technology limits file upload sizes to 2GB. Therefore, to work around this limitation you can either reduce the size of your file to under 2GB or split it into smaller pieces and transfer each piece to your recipient.

  • Reducing the file size
    • Attempt to reduce the file size to under 2GB by changing it’s format or resolution. Using editing software, such as video or audio editing software will allow you to reduce the file size. It is possible to reduce the file sizes without noticeable quality loss.
    • Or, use compression software such as WinZip or StuffIt to reduce the file size to under 2GB.
  • Split the file so that each piece is less than 2GB and transfer each piece to your recipient.

We recommend using a free program like “The File Splitter” (Windows only) to divide files larger than 2GB into smaller pieces. Programs like these are easy for both the sender and the recipient to use. Your recipient does not have to have a copy of The File Splitter.

Running “The File Splitter” will create a small executable file when it splits your file. You will send the pieces of your file, along with the small executable file, to your recipient. Your recipient will put all the pieces, and the small executable file, into one folder (e.g., desktop or downloads folder). Your recipient will then double click on the small executable file, and it will re-assemble the pieces creating an exact copy of the file on your hard drive.

Download “The File Splitter” here

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