Change the layout of an Enterprise Branded Form

Your Enterprise Branded Form can be highly customized to make it look and fit just the way you want it.

There are two ways to change the way your Enterprise Branded Form looks: ‘Easy Layout’ & ‘Current Template’.

Easy Layout is a visual way to move the sections of your Enterprise Branded Form around and the one most commonly used by SendThisFile account holders.  After you’ve logged in and navigated your way to the Enterprise section click on Layouts on the sub menu bar.  Next click on ‘Easy Layout’.  You will see the different sections of your Enterprise Branded Form are displayed on a grid and in different color boxes.  All you need to do is doubleclick and drag the boxes where you want the sections to appear.  In order to move the ‘Submit’ button section, click in between the ‘Update Layout’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.  When finished, click ‘Update Layout’ to save.

If you want to move the sections to a specific left, top, width, and height coordinate values you may manually enter them on the ‘Enterprise Layout’ page on the section labeled ‘Current Template.’


If at any time you are having issues achieving the right look with your Enterprise Branded Form, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

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