Enterprise Plan for Graphics and Printers

Graphics and Printers

You can easily receive Word, JPeg, Bitmap, GIF and all other types of files from your clients using our Enterprise Plan. We will give you the Internet address (URL) to your branded upload page. You will send that address to your clients who will send the files to you. The sender will use a standard Internet browser to send the files to you. No special software is required.

Once the file upload is complete, SendThisFile sends you an email which contains a link to the file. You click on the link and download the file to your computer. If you have other employees you are working with, you can forward the file download link to them so they can download the file. You can even change the name of the file before they download it if you wish.
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How a Client Sends Files to You

How You can Send Files to Your Clients

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Why Choose SendThisFile?

SendThisFile has been in file transfer business since 2003. SendThisFile is a robust file transfer solution. We understand what it takes to make file transfers work, and keep them working. We concentrate on file transfers, so our customers can focus on running their businesses. File transfer is our business, and we do it better then anyone else in the industry. SendThisFile is best because SendThisFile has a proven track record. We serve all sized businesses from home businesses to the top 10 Fortune 500 businesses located all over the world. They depend on SendThisFile for their file transfer needs. We continue to meet our customer's demands and it is reflected by our customer retention. Our biggest customers save thousands of dollars a year by outsourcing to SendThisFile. We can be your file transfer IT solution.

Secure Transfer of Files
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