Enterprise Plan


Our brandable ENTERPRISE PLAN allows employees, customers, and clients to send and receive large files.

SendThisFile has been in file transfer business since 2003. In that time, our architecture has evolved into a robust file transfer service. We understand what it takes to make it work, and keep it working. We concentrate on large file transfers, so our customers can focus on running their businesses. File transfer is our business and we do it better than anyone else in the industry. SendThisFile is best because . . .

SendThisFile has a proven track record. We serve small, medium, Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies all over the world; they depend on SendThisFile for their file transfer needs. We continue to meet our customer's demands and it is reflected by our customer retention. Our biggest customers save thousands of dollars a year by out-sourcing large file sharing to SendThisFile. We can be your file transfer IT solution.







Custom Upload Pages

The upload form is completely brandable -- just customize the default form that we provide. Use your own text, logos, images, fonts, colors, and form prompts. A SendThisFile technical sales representative can walk you through setting up your first customized upload page. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

We can host this form on our file transfer website, so you don't need to involve a programmer or an administrator. Optionally, you may want to embed our form in your own website. To embed a custom upload page we give you the code and you publish it on your website. Everything on the back-end remains the same as if we were hosting it. The difference is, your clients upload their files to you on your website, without ever leaving your domain. Your clients will not be aware that SendThisFile is facilitating the file upload process.

You can choose to receive a variety of notification messages based on the status of the file upload or download.

You can add additional fields to the upload form, requiring the sender to input additional information prior to the upload. For example, on the upload page you can add an input field that asks the sender to input their name and phone number. The following are some file transfer solutions SendThisFile has provided.

Dedicated Server Plan

For customers who need isolated file storage and dedicated bandwidth, SendThisFile offers the Dedicated Server plan. This plan has all the features included in the Enterprise plan and stores all of your data on an individual server, which is to be used only by your company.

This allows the Dedicated Server plan to offer several advantages:

Organizations that require our Dedicated Server plan typically include large enterprise customers, law firms, banking and financial services, government agencies, health care, and other companies who must comply with strict data handling guidelines and regulations.

Legal Transcription

Send Large File - Court Reporters

Medical Transcription

Transfer Large File - Medical Transcriptionists

Law Offices

Large File Sharing - Attorneys

Graphics and Printing

Transfer Large Pictures - Printers


Send Big Files - Manufacturers


Transfer Files Online - TV and Radio


Share Large Files - Associations


Simple File Upload Page


Complex Large File Uploads