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Secure file transfers serving Fortune 500 and small business. Advanced encryption, powerful security, privacy compliance and complete customization.

Secure file transfers customized to match your website

Provide a seamless user experience with multiple Fileboxes and custom emails by adding logos, text, and color.
$ 19.95/month
100GB encrypted transfer
10 day file access
Includes Professional features plus
Multiple Fileboxes
Embed on Your Website
Email & Filebox Customization
Change Notification Email Address (SMTP)
24 / 7 email
& chat support
Provide a seamless file transfer experience to your customers by providing a look consistent with your website. Use multiple Fileboxes to receive large files from different departments or customers. Update the Filebox with logos, colors and text to seamlessly match your website. Match email communications to each Filebox using customizable templates. Configure download notification emails to arrive from your email address and customize emails with logos, text and colors to match your brand.
Only $16.66/month with annual subscription
Multiple Fileboxes
Create and share up to 5 Fileboxes to receive large files. Each Filebox can be assigned a unique email address to forward notifications emails when files arrive.
Embed On Your Website
Share a FileBox to receive large files from others who do not have a SendThisFile account. Embed a Filebox on your website to provide a seamless visitor experience.

Email & Filebox Customization
Create fully configurable email templates and Fileboxes with the look of your website. Add a new header, modify text, even add colors and logos. Choose HTML or Text email formats for file download notifications.
Changeable Notification Email Address (SMTP)
Use encryption to enable file notification emails to originate from your email address instead of files@sendthisfile. Fully compatible with third-party email systems that require secure connections, such as Exchange and Gmail.